Terms and Conditions for Searchers

In the interests of informing University of Melbourne students of vacancies in a variety of housing options including rooming houses, share houses, homestay and vacant properties, Student Housing (SH) at the University of Melbourne (University) offers an advertising service hereby known as the Housing Online Noticeboard.

The Searcher is anyone who uses the Housing Online Noticeboard to search for and/or secure any type of housing.

The Advertiser is anyone that submits an advertisement on the Housing Online Noticeboard.

By logging onto the Housing Online Noticeboard, the Searcher understands and agrees to the Terms and Conditions outlined below:

  1. An advertisement listing carries no statement of endorsement by the University.

  2. It is the responsibility of the Searcher to ensure that statements and information provided by an Advertiser are accurate and correct when applying for any housing advertised on the Housing Online Noticeboard.

  3. SH and the University make no guarantee that a Searcher will find a suitable housing option by using the Housing Online Noticeboard to search for a vacancy.

  4. SH and the University can in no way guarantee the suitability of co-tenants, landlords or any other relationship formed or found through the Housing Online Noticeboard, and will accept no liability or responsibility for any such interactions.

  5. SH believes that better tenancy outcomes are attained when the Searcher is educated about their rights and duties. We encourage Searchers to obtain information from Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) by calling 1300 55 81 81 or visiting their website.